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New version Performance Monitor (Release 2021.2)

On July 9, 2021, we published a new version of Performance Monitor for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases. The most important functions added in the application are: the improvement of collecting information about parsing schema and owner for queries in the Oracle database, generating reports for Anomaly Monitor for all platforms, implementing a parser for the PostgreSQL platform.

Collecting information about OWNER and PARSING SCHEMA of inquiries (Oracle)
The DBPLUS Performance Monitor application collects information about queries performed in the monitored database. In the latest version of the application, we have added information about:

  • PARSING SCHEMA – the scheme from which the query was run
  • OWNER – owner of the object on which the query is performed

This information is collected during the snap procedure once every 15 minutes from the system views of Oracle databases. Adding additional information is the next step leading to the currently developed DBPLUS Query Advisor mechanism, which in the future will automatically display information on possible query optimization in a given database.

Generating reports of problems detected by Anomaly Monitor (Oracle, Sql Server, PostgreSQL)
As part of the Anomaly Monitor functionality, which presents information about the problems detected in the monitored database, a reporting module has been added. The module generates documents in * .docx format. Generating a report is possible on the basis of templates added by default or by configuring your own report. The report contains information about main database parameters as well as presents information about performance problems that were detected by Performance Monitor applications in the period for which the report was made.
Query parsing on the PostgreSQL platform
In the latest version of the application for PostgreSQL databases, we have added a query parser. This functionality is based on the analysis of components of query objects (tables, indexes). Thanks to the query parsing mechanism, it is possible to quickly verify which tables or indexes and which columns are used in the analyzed query. The parsing mechanism is available after clicking on the Show Plan Objects for link visible in the query plan.

Access to software updates
The DBPLUS software is updated at least 4 times a year. Customers have access to all updates when they have a license or maintenance service. With the upgrade to the latest version, the application will run faster and smoother. Each published version provides new functionalities that allow for easier management and performance improvement in the monitored database.


Detailed specification about changes in version 2021.2:

The user documentation describes in an accessible way all the new functions available in the software


Microsoft SQL Server:


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